Delivery of Marseilia Land Al Alameen


” Le Cassious ” it is the land of art, wars and fondness where we can smell the mint and basil in the desert, lodine smell which comes from the sea. So we call AL Al Aameen, ” Le Cassious ” is the roman name that means white shell which holds our project MAESEILIA LAND.

Marseilia Land El Alameen is a mix between experience, Beauty of design and purity of nature.It’s held on area of 159600 m2.Due to our great care of our clients comfort and requirements we designed Marseilia Land El Alameen to become a green paradise with green areas about 81% of the total area.

Marseilia Land offered new meaning for shopping which is “ Shopping is fun itself “. And it’s also a kind of mental health. Marseilia Land is supplied with the finest shopping centers in the north coast, not only for the purchases you need, but also to change your idea of shopping.

The mall is located in front of the project and has such authentic Arabian style. Enjoy touristic shopping in a touristic place. It’s not just a Mall but also cinemas, hyper market, restaurants and cafes.