DotMasr coverage for the proposal of Mr. Yasser Ragab – the chairman of Marseilia group – to transform “Alexandria” to an international touristic city at the conference of “Egypt and Medical tourism


Mr: Yasser Ragab, chairman of Marseilia Group has suggested a project to develop Alexandria under the title “development and investment in Alexandria”, where the project is aiming to develop the city and turn it into a global touristic city . the proposal consists of two phases ; the rehabilitation of the city through the development or support of means of transport to and from the city, in particular, to the public and touristic attractions, and the development of airports through amendments to the airports and the modernization of the surveillance devices and the speed of the completion of the procedures for visitors., and achieve sustainable development, in order to meet the needs of present and future generations, in addition to the transformed into a international touristic city and the second phase, “marketing and promotion, through intensive attention to touristic marketing to Egypt all over the world through marketing campaigns which is not less important than the commercial campaigns, and usage of modern technology In promotion