Marseilia Beach for tourism investment S.A.E


The company manages the group’s hotels chain as well as the customers’ hotel units. Marseilia Beach for tourism investment is distinguished in the field of managing touristic villages,resorts and hotel units and also in organizing and managing parties, malls, beside managing and providing all the customers’ needs of international restaurants, cafeterias and cinemas. The company is also keen on providing a distinctive hotel services as it provided hotel management offices to manage all Marseilia’s villages and resorts in order to guarantee the highest degree of comfort and attention.

The company also provides the customers with all their needs of furniture, decoration, electric appliances, etc…This luxurious system is achieved by the management of our water theme park (Marseilia Aqua Park), which is the largest Aqua Park within the North Coast, where the fun and excitement help us to provide all the means of luxury and enjoyment to our customers.

  • Alexandria Branch

  • Address: (Main Branch)123 Ahmed Shawky St. Roushdy, Alexandria, Egypt
  • TEL.: 03-5436849
  • FAX: 035436850
  • MOB.: 01155352000
  • E-mail:
  • Mohandseen Branch

  • Address: 76 Arab League St. Mohandseen, Cairo, Egypt
  • TEL.: 0233379249 – 0200079259
  • FAX: 0233379138