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Marseilia Tours seeks to be your first tourism portal to discover the world and to be one of the biggest leading companies in the field of tourism, through adopting the best touristic programs that provide enjoyment and full comfort.
Marseilia Tours also aims at providing unique touristic services focusing on customers through setting consistent standards to achieve their aspirations, forming this way a solid customers’ base of care and attention.

  • Alexandria Branch

  • Address: (Main Branch)123 Ahmed Shawky St. Roushdy, Alexandria, Egypt
  • TEL.: 03-5428052 / 03-5428053
  • FAX:0233379138
  • Mohandseen Branch

  • Address: 76 Arab League St. Mohandseen, Cairo, Egypt
  • TEL.: 0233379249 – 0200079259
  • FAX: 0233379138
  • E-mail:

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