Omar Saada City (A life of Happiness City)


Omar Saada City aims to take care and to serve people with disabilities through providing the best means of care, educational, medical and rehabilitation services. These services are provided by a team of experts and specialists in order to change the parents’ concepts about disability and to invest in all the available opportunities that make the families of children with disabilities and their children able to deal with all the life’s aspects and circumstances.

In addition, the City seeks to reinforce the effective participation of people with disabilities within the community next to their peers from all age groups; in order to create an atmosphere of affection and to strengthen the relations between them and the others. The City seeks to provide all the care, inclusion and empowerment it can provide in all the fields to the people with disabilities and to their families in order to enhance their living conditions.

  • Address: 76 Khaled Ebn El-Walead St. Al-Eman Tower, Alexandria, Egypt
  • MOB.: 01149490999
  • E-mail:

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